Live transit maps

Our maps enable you to visualize your transit data in real-time and deliver real-time passenger information. You can easily visualize your traffic on your website or in app, so your riders don’t have to wonder where the bus is anymore!

Visualize your traffic

Communicate your traffic to your riders and let them watch your trains and buses in real-time, with delay information connected to each vehicle. Better informed riders — happier riders!

High performance

You can effectively display hundreds of thousands of vehicles. With an exact delay model and advanced data processing, our maps show an accurate representation of vehicles through real-time GPS, delay information or time tables.


Our maps are based on web technologies, which make them super flexible and highly customizable. We tailor everything from map backgrounds and user interface, to vehicle models upon your request.

Traze Devices

Anywhere & everywhere

Since our maps are built on web-based technologies, they are accessible for any device using any modern browser and easily integrated into native apps — simply connect your data to us, add the map to your website or app and you are up and running in no time!

How it works

Connect your transit data to us

Your map is ready to be shared

Customizable and integrable

    Do you provide GTFS-RT data and want to see your own traffic in real-time?