Now is the time to disrupt mass transit

Digitize and optimize your transit service

Veridict empowering leading transit providers and IOT enterprises with
intelligent technology solutions, in order to stay relevant in a complex ever-changing industry. Our solutions help transit providers become more effective and competitive by providing a digital connection.

Real-time transit visualization

Our web-based technology maps can easily be integrated to your website or app and can display hundreds of thousands vehicles down to the second.

Don’t spend time and precious resources on developing your traffic map in-house or through expensive consultants; instead, simply connect your data to us, add the map to your homepage and share it everywhere.

Passenger transport management

Remove hassle from your daily operations by connecting your fleet to our ecosystem, and receive precious insights that will help you run a greater transit service.

  • Track your vehicles in real-time
  • Passenger counting (DPC)
  • Live map enabling route display, stops and monitoring
  • Manage your daily trips and routes
  • Web-based technology, the application can be used from any tablet or browser
  • Connect your vehicles using our Driver App

Four hands put on each other

Let’s partner up!

Through simple APIs your service offering can be boosted by our technology — adding to the value created in the ecosystem.

When 1 + 1 is greater than 2. We believe in co-operation and work with both software and hardware partners — creating greater sums in a multimodal and automated world.

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